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We cowards turn and run from nothing;
simply because we've learned the act of running
feels braver than hiding but is easier than standing ground
It's not that I am scared of holding
onto something I feel is worth us growing
I just don't see the point
in building things to be brought down

But there's something in the way you're smiling
that makes me feel these fears subside
and as if I had you, darlin', I wouldn't need anything else
Still I feel the same expect of hurting
in your frightening way of reassuring me
that things won't change
and I can love you as I do my doubts

Hold me close, I'm trying to let things go
You'll have to trust I'm trying to trust in you

Now I see your face in every vision
In my childish way I'm always wishing
That I'd be more brave
and I could love you as I do my doubts